Practical NCD & BHRT Workshops

the Athenee Hotel, Bangkok
16 Mar 2023 - 17 Mar 2023



Practical NCD Workshop: 

NCDs, or non-communicable diseases, are a growing concern for healthcare professionals and individuals alike. This workshop aims to tackle NCDs through various approaches, with topics including: 

  • Diabetes Management 
  • Chronic kidney disease prevention 
  • Cardiovascular disease prevention without statins 
  • Case studies from delegates; and 
  • Obesity summit ​ 

Delegates will leave with practical tips on how to prevent NCDs and improve their overall anti aging efforts for their patients.

Practical BHRT Workshop: 

 At our Practical BHRT workshop, we'll cover BHRT in menopausal and andropausal patients, including its benefits and considerations for use. 

 We'll also discuss BHRT as a potential solution for stress and insomnia management. And finally, we'll explore the role BHRT plays in anti-aging treatments. ​ 

This comprehensive workshop will provide valuable information for healthcare professionals looking to incorporate BHRT into their practice. ​ ​ ​ 

*** Both Workshop days will be in Thai Language. 

Seats are limited to just 100 attendees - so register your seat today!

Thursday March 16, 2023 @the Athenee Hotel, Bangkok

  • 07:30 Registration 
  • 09:00 Diabetes: Pitfall and Management 
  • 10:30 Break 
  • 10:45 Chronic Kidney Disease: What went wrong? 
  • 12:15 รับประทานอาหารกลางวัน 
  • 13:30 Cardiovascular Disease Prevention without Statins 
  • 15:00 Break 
  • 15:15 Case Studies (presented by delegates) 
  • 17:00 End Workshop 
  • 18:00 Obesity Summit ห้องคันธวาส ริมสระน้ำชั้น 4  

Friday March 17, 2023

  • 07:30 Registration 
  • 09:00 Hormonal Therapy: Overview ผศ.ดร.นพ. พัฒนา เต็งอำนวย 
  • 10:15 Break 
  • 10:30 BHRT in Menopausal: Practical Approach ผศ.นพ. พันธ์ศักด์ ศุกระฤกษ์ 
  • 12:00 รับประทานอาหารกลางวัน 
  • 13:15 BHRT in Andropause: Practical Approach ผศ.นพ. พันธ์ศักด์ ศุกระฤกษ์ 
  • 14:30 Personalized BHRT for Stress and Insomnia ผศ.นพ. พันธ์ศักด์ ศุกระฤกษ์ 
  • 15:30 Coffee Break 15:45 Practical Anti-aging ผศ.ดร.นพ. พัฒนา เต็งอำนวย 
  • 17:00 End of Workshop

Assistant Professor Pansak Sugkraroek , MD  
is a well-known Reproductive Endocrinologist as well as Health expert in Integrative Wellness Medicine. He has given lectures for all topics involving Antiaging & Regenerative Medicine and Sexual Health both nationally and internationally.

Asst. Prof. Patana Teng-Umnuay, MD, Ph.D.
CEO of Health Education and Academics (Thailand)
Dean of College of Integrative Medicine, Dhurakij
Pundit University


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